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Many homeowners would love to have a new modern kitchen, but often the cost of doing so is just too much, but at Tweed Kitchens, we specialize in building or rejuvenating kitchen cabinets on The Gold Coast and no matter what you decide we have the solution for you. Refacing or resurfacing your old cabinets may be a great option that could save you big dollars and still give you your dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Maybe you’re trying to sell your home, but the old kitchen is just not cutting it with potential buyers who know only too well how much a new modern kitchen can cost.

Having your old cabinets and benchtops redone by Tweed Kitchens will give a professional finish to that old kitchen with a look that adds thousands of dollars to the value of your home, and all at a fraction of the cost of having the old kitchen removed and a new one designed, built and installed.

If you have a rental property, having a renovated kitchen is often a better and far quicker option between tenants than installing a new kitchen.

The kitchen is the place many people place a lot of importance on when thinking of buying a property, so having it remade would make it much easier to sell in the top price ranges.

You need to take a very good look at your old kitchen cupboards and benches to make sure they are in top condition to make it worth resurfacing or refacing them. Generally, the early kitchens were made of better materials than some of the later designs, but it vital that you check before you decide.

Another aspect is thinking about the functionality of your kitchen, are your existing shelves deep enough and cupboards tall enough to cope with modern kitchen appliances and storage systems.

There are three main options when you want to spruce up your kitchen without having to replace everything:

  1. Paint or refinish the surface of your cabinets and drawer fronts
  2. Cover the existing drawer and cabinet fronts with laminate or wood panelling
  3. Replace the fronts of all your drawer and cabinet fronts

Of course, you can do a bit of mixing and matching as required to remodel the set-up as required, making it more serviceable and user friendly.

Talk with the friendly team at Tweed Kitchens your local kitchen cabinet makers on The Gold Coast and ask them to see if they can reface or resurface your cabinets and benches.

Advantages of having your kitchen cupboards and drawers renovated

  • It can save over half the cost of having new cabinets made and often a lot more
  • You can keep a great kitchen design you like and are used to living with and just have it modernized
  • All your existing appliances will still fit in your kitchen if you do not want to update them
  • You will not need the services of electricians and plumbers unless you do some extra work at the same time
  • Because your old cabinets, draws and benches are not being removed, they’re just taking off the fronts; you can continue using your kitchen most of the time so your lifestyle and busy routine will not be compromised while the renovation is being done
  • Think of it as a mini-makeover that’s more convenient than losing the use of your kitchen for a while

Regardless of which way you decide to go, whether resurfacing, refacing or renewing the fronts of your cabinets, cupboards and benchtops you will need to have new hinges and handles in your cupboard doors as well as new handles and sliders on your drawers.

The interiors of drawers and cabinets should also be resurfaced or painted and even though not many will see the insides of your drawers it will make a huge difference come sale time.

Another option that can work well is to just have the team at Tweed Kitchens come and remove the doors and hinges and rearrange the shelves to suit you, repaint the interiors and add new benchtops to give you an ultra-modern open kitchen look.

Mix and match

You may find although your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, some of them are not really suitable or you want to change them. Maybe you want a walk-in pantry or increase your work and wash up areas. Tweed Kitchens, are honest and reliable kitchen cabinet makers on The Gold Coast and will help you redesign your kitchen, but using as many of your existing kitchen cabinets as possible. In this way, you can reduce the total cost accordingly, remain within your budget and still get your dream kitchen